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Single Slot Card eReader Reads SD/MMC cards

Single Slot Card eReader Reads SD/MMC cards.

iPorter xSD carries SD/xD/MMC/MSD

iPorter xSD carries SD/xD/MMC/MSD

Matrix Multi Slot SD/MMC/MS eReader Matrix Multi Slot reads SD/MMC/MS/ T-Flash

iPorter xSD carries SD/xD/MMC/MSDP/T-Flash

iPorter xSD carries SD/xD/MMC/MSDP/T-Flash

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We provide a better way to store, use, and manage your Digital Memory Cards!

Have you ever been out hiking or sightseeing when you discover you filled up the memory card in your camera and you can't find a spare card? Have you ever misplaced that card full of your recenly taken images or downloaded MP3 files? The cost of memory cards can be substantial, but the content on the card could be priceless. If you own more than one digital card, you must get a digital memory card case. ePorter, Inc. manufacturers a unique memory card case or memory card holder product called the iPorter xSD.  It functions primarily as an SD card case, however it can hold many different card types and sizes, it can also function as an xD memory card case or a Sony memory stick case, specifically the memory stick duo. The iPorter fits on a key chain which serves to transform it into a card case key chain to best fit the “mobile” lifestyle. Just keep the card case keychain available while you travel. You will never run out of memory when you carry the iPorter secure digital card case. As you contemplate the number of electronics that are on the market, the SD card storage case is the wave of the future. The iPorter is the only memory card case on the market made out of harder plastic that can fit on a keychain and hold up to 3 different types of cards at the same time. Make the iPorter your SanDisk memory case or Lexar memory card case. The iPorter is not the only memory card case on the market, but it is the only memory card holder made out of hard plastic that can hold different sized memory cards. Most other memory card cases are soft and therefore provide less protection. The iPorter card case keychain also protects the cards from shock, elements, or dust. We feel our SD card storage case is the best secure digital card case on the market.

All ePorter products provide handy ways to keep extra memory cards available so if one card in the camera or other electronic device fills up, you can quickly swap the card out for a fresh card.  The full card can now be carried in the iPorter xSD memory card case until the card contents can be downloaded to a computer.   Our eReaders help you take full advantage of your cards. Don't just use them for images! Store anything on them from MP3 files, movies, documents, spreadsheets, or other computer files. Turn your card into a true flash drive.


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iPorter xSD Customer Feedback and Testimonials
Your iPorter Pro is perfect! ..... Thank you for remembering my order, your service is excellent.

.... The reason I need the iPorter's is to store all the SD cards I have that contain the GPS mapping data bases for my portable Navman GPS which I carry with me as I travel around the world. I have looked at every website that sells SD type storage containers and in my opinion there's nothing that compares to yours, especially given its size and the convenience of the small keyring that I will use to attach the iPorter to the zipper tag of my GPS case to keep everything together. ....

-- Eric W. from New Zealand  May 24, 2006


I really think you have a good product there.  I have the Treo 650 and your product is just "what the doctor ordered"!

-- Jeff W. From Nashville January 31, 2006


I have been looking for the 'perfect' personal SD card storage solution for about 10 minutes. When I saw the ePorter, I knew I'd found it.  I LOVE your product. Kudos on a brilliant design.  The product is great, the customer service is even better

-- John W.  From Hayward CA  January 25, 2006


Hello. I wanted to share my eporter "testimony" of sorts. I have a small silver-ish iporter SD memory card holder. The card holder was in the pocket at my sister\'s annual barbecue. I realized, at the end of the night, that the case was no longer in my pocket. After a fruitless search, I went home and my sister said she would look in the morning, in the daylight. The next morning I received a call that my memory card holder had been found. It was sunk into the mud and grass in her backyard and the memory cards inside (a 512MB and a 16MB) were completely safe. They contained priceless photographs and I was overjoyed. Thank you very much for making such reliable products - you saved my memories.

-- Sarah C. From Illinois  August 14, 2005

I got my order today and am very pleased with them -- and with your
philosophy on waste reduction!  (We ship the memory card case in protective mailing packaging without additional retail packaging.)

I gave one of the units to my husband, who is constantly misplacing the
teeny weeny memory chips for his camera. And I'm looking forward to
using one for myself too. Bravo on a great product!

  from Maryland January 24, 2005
"...as soon as anyone sees it, it will sell itself."  Margie from New Jersey, May 2005
"Product is spot on, simple and fit for purpose..."  Mick from London, May 2005


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